The Interns of XPO: Summer of Growth

When we sat down with some of our interns to learn why they chose XPO, they gave us the same answer: they wanted a front-row seat at the fastest growing company in its industry.

It’s a rite of summer. Every year, dozens of interns stream into the XPO offices to gain first-hand experience working in logistics. Over 10 weeks, the undergrad and graduate students tackle everything from web design to accounting to project management. But, unlike most other students, XPO’s interns learn what it’s like to work for a company that’s the fastest growing business in its industry.

We sat down with several students from UNC-Greensboro who have been working at the headquarters of our global supply chain business in High Point, North Carolina – site of one of our biggest intern programs – to learn how XPO caught their eye.

Career Plans

A North Carolina native and junior at UNC, John Brewer has had a logistics career in his sights for years. “My father works in supply chain and l used to do my homework in his office. He’d explain what he was doing, and I really enjoyed it. We both like organizing things – seeing something start here and end there and managing everything in between.”

Looking into XPO was a no brainer since John had heard it was expanding fast. But it wasn’t until he started checking out the company online that he realized just how much of an understatement that was. “I saw how the stock rose. I watched Brad Jacobs on Mad Money. The more I researched XPO, the more I knew this wasn’t an internship opportunity – this was the company I wanted to work for.”

Before Erin Taylor began working on her MBA, she hadn’t thought much about logistics. She discovered it while hunting for graduate programs and was immediately hooked on its variety. Erin loves that she’s constantly learning something new. “Logistics is always changing. No two days are ever the same.” That’s especially true of XPO, she says. “I loved that XPO was always growing. I want to grow, too.” 

The IT Crowd

Cher Yang never thought he’d end up at a logistics company. But when he was looking over the tables at UNC’s recruitment day during his junior year, he read that XPO is annually investing almost half a billion dollars in technology. “That catches your eye,” he says.

XPO’s commitment to tech got his attention, but the company’s biggest draw was its rapid expansion. “As an intern transitioning to the real world, you want to be somewhere safe, a growing company. But when you think about those companies, you picture maybe 2,000 new employees over a few years. XPO is growing so much faster than that.”

This summer, Cher has been blown away by the pace. “Everybody’s running 150 miles an hour. As a college student, how often can interns really apply their knowledge? An opportunity like this one, to use all that I’ve learned and to experience so much more every day – I want to take in as much as possible.”