“XPO Cares” Expands Support of Our Colleagues in Need

With a $50,000 corporate contribution and a XPO Cares for donors, XPO has established a permanent, US-based relief fund for employees in need. XPO Cares is funded by the company and our employees to ensure colleagues have a place to turn when natural disasters strike.

XPO launched XPO Cares earlier this month on Employee Appreciation Day, as a natural extension of the short-term relief efforts we’ve made in response to specific natural disasters in the past.

“It’s critical that we fund XPO Cares today, so that we have resources available for employees who need them tomorrow,” said Troy Cooper, company president. Cooper emphasized the sustainable nature of XPO Cares, which is administered by the non-profit public charity E4E Relief, the nation’s leading 501(c)(3) manager of disaster relief grants for employees.

Any regular full-time or part-time employee of XPO in the US can apply for a grant when impacted by a hurricane, tornado, flood or other natural disaster. The grants may cover basic expenses or long-term recovery, depending on the circumstances.

Employees can contribute via credit card or payroll deduction, or choose to convert unused PTO into dollar values that go to those in need.

“Employee and company donations will provide much needed relief for others in our XPO family,” said Cooper. “Contributions are voluntary, and no amount is too small. The fund’s success will rely on the generosity of all of us.”