Our Commitment to Provide a Safe and Rewarding Workplace for Parents

Mothers deserve our respect and admiration, and they deserve workplaces that meet the demands of modern parenting. That’s why it’s appropriate that this week, just after Mother’s Day, federal legislation has been introduced to support expectant working moms. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act would create a national accommodations policy for pregnant employees, ensuring that no woman is faced with deciding between a healthy pregnancy and her job.

XPO strongly supports this bill. We think it’s a positive step toward giving working parents the support they need, when they need it, in the most important role they have.

Our own experience in implementing our stand-alone Pregnancy Care Policy shows that ensuring accommodations for pregnant women in the workplace is achievable, particularly for a company with a sizable hourly workforce. As you know, we began rolling out our Policy in January, and since then, XPO has granted more than 600 pregnancy-related accommodations to approximately 250 XPO employees. These accommodations range from increasing the frequency of breaks and scaling back work hours to changing job duties and working from home. We will continue to evolve our engagement efforts to assure that employees and managers understand both the specifics and the intent of the new policy.

Our Pregnancy Care Policy is part of a larger set of offerings to help working parents, including paid time off to prepare for a child’s arrival, paid leave for both fathers and mothers after the birth or adoption of a child and access to a 24/7 virtual clinic specializing in services for women and families.