Diversity and Inclusion Strengthens XPO Logistics

I have the privilege of working with a remarkable group of people. Every day, I interact with talented colleagues who want to work here. They seek out XPO as much for what we stand for as for what we do.

The part of my job I’m most passionate about is helping to build the industry’s deepest and most diverse talent pool. It’s a matter of showing people that there’s a place for them at our table. That their opinions are valued. That they belong. And that at XPO, they can forge a purposeful career.

Freight is our livelihood, but our people are our lifeblood. I’m proud that as a company, we’re welcoming and empathetic. I’m proud that our doors are always open to our employees. I’m proud that we have processes in place that allow our people to air their concerns. And I’m especially proud that our people inspire my team and me to be better human beings each day.

Our commitment to D&I starts at the top, and it’s unwavering. Our CEO, Brad Jacobs, has made it crystal clear that the company will never tolerate any form of discrimination at any level.

Diversity and inclusion help identify who we are as a company. I like to say that diversity defines the human difference. It expresses the individual qualities that make us unique. Inclusion involves empowering those unique qualities to drive collaboration in the workplace, enabling us to succeed as a team. Valuing each other as individuals and being open to a broad range of ideas combine to spark innovation. Our inclusiveness manifests itself in the great work we do every day.

Our D&I efforts have gained a lot of momentum since the beginning of the year, but there’s still much work to do. Our biggest foe is what’s known as “unconscious biases.” We all have them, and they can seep into the actions we take and the decisions we make. Addressing these biases is a work in progress, but rest assured it’s on my radar every day.

Over the past four months, we’ve shared a collective experience that at times has seemed overwhelming. But it has not dimmed our hope. “We will get through this together” might be a cliché, but it rings true. We’ll emerge from this experience a stronger, more just, more inclusive society.

Customers and prospective customers tell us they want to do business with people who treat them fairly. They’ll lean toward businesses that they sense have a strong moral compass. That all starts with our people.

The logistics industry will evolve, as well, and its profile will rise even higher. The pandemic demonstrated just how essential our industry is, and the spotlight will help attract people from a broader spectrum of backgrounds. That diversity of talent is just what XPO is looking for.