XPO Awards Top Brokerage Carriers of 2020

I’ve been at XPO since early 2012, and I’ve seen some big changes in the last several years.

The first is technology. Our strength in innovation has enabled us to provide remarkable value to customers and carriers. More than 60,000 carriers use the XPO Connect platform globally. Our Drive XPO app has been downloaded more than 150,000 times. And overall, 90% of our orders have at least one automated transaction.

We recognize that technology is pointless unless it adds value, and ours is proven. Demand for great service is relentless, and our carrier network is crucial for on-time delivery to our customers. This combination of people and technology has helped us become the second-largest truck broker in the world.

With those points in mind, we’re excited to announce our inaugural awards celebration to thank the Top Brokerage Carriers of 2020! When we created our carrier ratings and Rewards Program in August 2019, we had three aims:

  1. Recognize our top carriers based on service level and volume with XPO.
  2. Encourage carriers to improve service to get to the Platinum level of service that our customers demand.
  3. Create loyalty on multiple fronts and offer other value-added services, like our extremely competitive Fuel Card Program.

These are the categories of recognition:

  • Top 2 Small, Medium, and Large Platinum Carriers with the best Carrier Score
  • Top 3 Platinum Carriers based on growth in volume for 2020
  • Top 2 Value-Added Services Carriers ranked by the biggest users (gallons and transactions)

The winners were notified in August of their achievement. They will receive XPO gear and $1,000 in credits to use on our digital platform, XPO Connect and in the Drive XPO app. Most importantly, they get bragging rights. Bragging rights are forever.

Congratulations to all the winners! We appreciate the entire carrier network and look forward to seeing who makes the list next year!