XPO and the USPS

XPO is an industry leader because we deliver the integrity, reliability and efficiency our customers expect. Our industry is highly competitive and customers have many choices. They have the luxury of contracting only with partners they trust, and we’re proud of our track record of earning customer trust.

Recent media articles have mentioned XPO in connection with the US Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy. In light of this, we’re providing information regarding who we are, as well as our relationships with the USPS and Mr. DeJoy.

  • We win business based on our track record of performance – Especially today, when global supply chains and logistics are stressed to unprecedented levels, we’re delivering value for our customers. Our nearly 100,000 dedicated employees worldwide, including approximately 50,000 in the US, help our customers meet consumer expectations for safe, reliable, predictable delivery. In the process, we help our customers reduce costs and increase efficiency through our integrated supply chain services.
  • XPO has won USPS contracts over the years, always in an open, competitive bidding process – All of these contracts were awarded by career USPS procurement officers during the tenures of previous postmasters general, based on our record of performance. We currently have three contracts with the USPS; they involve helping the USPS manage transportation, as well as providing support during the holiday peak season. While our work with the USPS is important, context is also important: we do business with over 50,000 customers, and the USPS business accounts for only a tiny fraction of our business. It’s not material to our financial results, and we cannot envision circumstances under which it would be.
  • USPS is a customer, not a competitor – As with all our customers, our objective with the USPS is to support its success. XPO does not deliver parcels to homes, and it’s important to note that if the USPS scales down and performs less of its own service, it will benefit companies that deliver packages to people’s doors, not XPO.
  • In 2014, we purchased New Breed Logistics, a company owned at the time by the current Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy – This was one of 17 acquisitions XPO made between 2011 and 2015. Our acquisition of New Breed brought us important strategic benefits, including technology solutions to help improve the supply chains of blue-chip companies, as well as smaller businesses that support communities across the US. Mr. DeJoy was instrumental in successfully integrating the two businesses. After the acquisition closed, Mr. DeJoy remained on to lead our North American supply chain business, one of our five business units, until 2015. He then served as a member of our board of directors for approximately two years, until he stepped down in May 2018. He’s no longer an officer or director of XPO. As a result, we’re not in a position to know if he currently owns any XPO stock.
  • We work hard to remain an employer of choice – Our ability to meet our customers’ expectations requires that we attract and retain expert and committed employees. We must provide what our employees and prospective employees tell us they value most: a safe and respectful workplace, family-friendly benefits and equal opportunities for advancement. We’re also committed to continuous improvement, and two years ago, we engaged Tina Tchen, chief of staff to former First Lady Michelle Obama and now chief executive officer of Time’s Up, to conduct an independent review of our workplace practices. Based on her recommendations, we implemented industry-leading programs, including our progressive Pregnancy Care and Family Leave policies. XPO has consistently been recognized for providing a best-in-class workplace culture that embraces diversity and inclusion.

Our reputation is a vital asset, and we work hard to protect it by performing for our customers every day and ensuring compliance with our high standards of conduct.