XPO Launches ‘Grow at XPO’ Job Advancement Program for Employees

XPO is launching “Grow at XPO,” an expansive program aimed at providing employees with a clear vision of the growth opportunities available to them within the company. While the program welcomes all XPO employees, it’s most intensely focused on frontline workers who aspire to grow into higher-paying positions with more responsibility.

Since a high percentage of our frontline workforce is diverse, the focus on this group is consistent with XPO’s staunch advocacy for individuals from minority and underrepresented communities. Grow at XPO is designed to remove barriers to entry so that opportunities to advance are recognized as truly being within reach. The aim is to ensure that workers can learn new skills without being hindered by access to technology, outside obligations or financial means.

Helping individuals to identify opportunities is the work of designated “Grow Champs,” onsite HR generalists who are trained as program experts. These Grow Champs are also tasked with identifying individuals who have demonstrated the potential to advance, but who may not have come forward to enroll in the Grow at XPO program on their own.

An aggressive information campaign is being rolled out to make employees aware of the program and the ease of enrollment. The only requirements for enrollment are satisfactory completion of a new-hire probationary period and a recent satisfactory discipline and performance record.

Grow at XPO is being piloted in two phases. Phase 1 began Aug. 10 at locations in Georgia, Texas and Pennsylvania, and Phase 2 began Aug. 24 at locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia, Indiana, New Jersey, and Texas.