Announcing XPO Rise

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced so many aspects of our business to evolve quickly.

We’ve been able to cope with these rapid changes because of our people – team members across the globe who have helped us move the world forward despite the enormous challenges and uncertainty we’ve faced. 

At XPO, we believe it’s critical for us to invest in our people to ensure their continued professional development, which is why we’ve launched multiple programs to provide ongoing educational opportunities, showing our commitment to inclusion and innovation.

Since launching in August 2020, our Grow at XPO program has taken off and produced its first graduates who are now primed to pursue new professional opportunities within XPO. The program creates pathways for professional development for employees who want new roles that require more responsibility or different skills and that often come with higher compensation. Grow at XPO is proving that employees are hungry to learn new skills and pursue new opportunities.

Now, we’re unveiling XPO Rise, a global high potential development program aimed at providing rising leaders with an immersive approach to executive-level development. Our goal with Rise is to build an internal bench of diverse employees who have the potential to move into executive roles across XPO businesses.

The first cohort, which started on Feb. 12, is comprised of nineteen participants currently working at the director or senior director level across all US regions and Europe. These team members were selected because of their demonstrated desires to undertake greater challenges and their proven track records of delivering for their teams and XPO.

We want to help Rise participants build leadership behaviors and global mindsets through the engaging curriculum they’ll undertake, including exposure to business challenges and executive expertise, and through fostering global executive capabilities.

It’s going to be a rigorous undertaking, but we know these participants are up for the challenge. Over the course of the program, they’ll learn via cross-functional projects, collaboration with peers and mentorships with executives throughout the organization, including their personal executive coach.

Our hope is that after completing the Rise program, our team members will help us and our customers find cohesion in any chaotic scenario we might face. We have great confidence in this inaugural class of Rise participants, and we’re excited to begin another chapter in XPO’s continuing commitment to provide a rewarding workplace for all employees.