XPO Logistics Celebrates Inaugural XPO RISE Graduates

All of our team members working on XPO RISE-related projects have a singular thought right now: what’s next for RISE?
As the first two cohorts of RISE – our high-potential development program – graduate and move on to new challenges within XPO Logistics, we’re busy tinkering with the program. We’re extremely proud of what our graduates accomplished, and we can’t wait to track their progress within XPO. We’re also assessing what we learned as program facilitators, and we’re crafting a refreshed curriculum that will deliver maximum value to participants.
Our inaugural classes of RISE participants were different in size and scope, but both gave us great benchmarks to consider when designing new programming. Our executive development cohort was comprised of participants working at the director and senior director levels across the US and Europe. The Women in Leadership cohort focused on preparing women to lead change with conviction and confidence.
Both programs are tied closely to RISE’s mission of developing internal talent and creating a strong, diverse bench of emerging leaders.  

Here’s an overview of the progress both classes made:

  • In 2021, 20 RISE program participants graduated from the executive development group.
  • Ten executive development program graduates were promoted in 2021.
    18 participants graduated from the RISE Women in Leadership cohort in early 2022.
  • Two Women in Leadership graduates were promoted to Director level. 

Given these successes, we’re going to build on what worked well, while also refining the curriculum. After reviewing the RISE delivery, we think there’s an opportunity to structure it for maximum impact on our business. We plan to pose some of the company’s biggest challenges to these brilliant minds and let them come up with potential solutions.
Gathering more than a dozen bright people from varying parts of our business rarely happens. When it does, we need to capitalize on it. Our team members from operations, communications, human resources, sales, accounting, technology, etc. normally don’t work closely together on long-term projects. During their RISE participation, they will. I know the results will add immense value to the company.
We’re also aiming to continue to make XPO executives available to RISE participants. Some of the most valuable feedback I received from RISE participants was about their interactions with executives. When our leaders shared their career experiences, including their wins and losses, it helped build connections with our participants.
I’m privileged to support the growth of our burgeoning employees. I can’t wait to share more news about how our #XPORISE participants are helping make XPO the best possible place to work.