Being Resilient

When unforeseen challenges occur, having resilience helps us cope with chaos and put tough times into perspective.
This has never been truer than over the past two years, as everyone at XPO, from those providing frontline essential services to those supporting from offices, have endured personal and professional obstacles during the pandemic. Many of us are still dealing with the aftereffects.
We often talk about taking care of our mental health by being resilient, but what does that mean and how do we develop resiliency? Being resilient is the ability to adapt to, deal with and recover from stressful situations. The more resilient we become, the quicker we can bounce back from challenging times.
Resilience is not something we’re born with, but it is something we can learn. Think about athletic training — athletes build physical resiliency in their sport through concentrated periods of training, rest and recovery. The same is true of mental resiliency.
During this year’s Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re putting a focus on resilience training.  We want every employee to feel positioned to succeed and feel supported in their efforts to build the careers they choose. Since resilience is a critical component to success, we’re introducing a new platform called meQuilibrium, which will help employees strengthen their resilience muscles.
meQuilibrium is a no cost, personalized, private and self-paced resilience training program that helps users prioritize their key responsibilities, manage their energy output and feel less stressed. The platform provides simple ways to help users:

  • Relieve the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Check in and refocus
  • Improve their sleep
  • Shift the way they respond to stressful thoughts and situations 

meQuilibrium’s resilience training is based on more than 35 years of research and the same science used by the US military to train soldiers to stay calm in the face of battle.
Improving our resilience requires a sustained effort. By using meQuilibrium, we can build the most durable resilience skill set possible – and become stronger because of it.
At XPO, we offer one of the most comprehensive benefit packages in our industry, and I’m proud to add meQuilibrium to our robust package. I think this will be a game-changer for our employees, and I’m excited for everyone on our team to explore meQuilibrium and build their mental and emotional resilience.