Top Carriers Recognized for National Truck Driver Appreciation Month

For the third consecutive year, we’re marking National Truck Driver Appreciation Week by recognizing our most devoted carriers with Top Carrier Awards. In line with the tremendous growth of our network, this year we’re recognizing 25 carriers—more than ever before. We’ve also added a new sustainable award category and are offering awards to a wider variety of brokerage carriers, with subcategories for different truck sizes, equipment types, digital adoption and best overall service.   
Carriers are an essential part of our business, and while we’re thrilled to recognize them this week, we treat them like partners every day. This approach builds loyalty and grows our business. Year-to-date, we’ve experienced a 47 percent increase in registered carriers on our Drive XPO Connect app, as well as a 63 percent hike in app downloads. To date, the app has been downloaded more than 800,000 times.
To carriers who recently registered on our app: we urge you to take advantage of the full suite of offerings available for those who frequently partner with XPO. In 2019, we launched XPO Carrier Rewards through the XPO Connect platform. Created to thank our most loyal carriers, the program saves our partners money on fuel, maintenance, tires and technology updates, and includes bonuses and other financial incentives. Since its inception, more than 7,200 carriers have redeemed more than 30,000 rewards.
Additionally, with diesel fuel prices up nearly 50 percent year-over-year, our Fuel Card Program saved carriers more than $12 million last month alone. To supplement our great discounts at TA/Petro, we have improved discounts at four new regional chains and created various new value-added solutions that remove roadblocks for our carriers, including:

  • Discounts for maintenance and tires at Love’s/Speedco in addition to TA/Petro.  
  • Access to competitive Life and Health insurance benefits through a third party.   
  • Discounts on maps, navigation and road travel/trip planning products through our partnership with Rand McNally.   

We continue to make significant progress in our plan to spin off our asset-light brokered transportation business into a separate public company called RXO. Our preparations for the spin-off will make this exciting transition seamless for our carriers, who will be essential to RXO—a company built on leveraging massive capacity and cutting-edge technology. With a laser-focus on tech-enabled brokered transportation, we will further enhance the experience for our carriers—including the addition of new preferred partnerships, value-add solutions and major enhancements to the XPO Connect platform, which will become RXO Connect once the spin-off is complete. And though the tool will be rebranded to coincide with our new name, the functionality, connectivity to shippers, load visibility and up-to-the-minute tracking capabilities will remain the same. Stay tuned.   
For our 25 top carriers, we focused on four categories, with criteria including carrier score, number of loads hauled and other category-dependent variables.   
Categories of recognition:  

  • Top 13 in Truck Brokerage    
  • Top 6 Value-Added Services/Carrier Rewards  
  • Top 3 Diverse  
  • Top 3 Sustainable     

Each winning carrier company has been notified and is receiving a swag bag of gratitude. Each swag bag will include new RXO swag, XPO Connect bonus credits and gifts from Carrier Rewards’ partners. Congratulations to the winners!