XPO Introduces Better Together Initiative

When XPO became a standalone provider of less-than-truckload freight transportation in North America in November 2022, we knew that our company was well-positioned to become the world-class carrier. We have the right people, technology and strategy in place to be the best-in-class partner for our customers and deliver the superior service they deserve. We also have a strong culture rooted in teamwork and personal accountability that sets us apart and makes XPO a great place to work.
To reinforce our culture and unite the team in achieving even more, we’re introducing a new employee-driven, company-wide initiative focused on our commitment to being Better Together.
These two words epitomize our culture and our commitment to customers and each other. Better Together is what sets XPO apart.

Our Better Together initiative was built by employees and, it will be led by them too.
“Better Together is a promise made by employees across our organization,” said Carolyn Roach, chief human resources officer of XPO. “Our teammates are empowered to come together as one team to drive continued success, superior service and employee pride in all we deliver."

Our employees will see the Better Together promise come to life in three major ways:
We take care of our customers: We work together to serve our customers. They count on us to deliver freight on-time, damage-free every day.
We take care of our teammates: We rely on each other. Every person at XPO is part of one team with a mutual commitment to doing the job well and setting each other up for success.
We take ownership: We’re proud. We look for ways to improve, fix what needs to be fixed and prioritize safety. We give our best to the team every day.
Our company is making great progress in becoming the world’s best LTL carrier. Our on-time performance is up sharply, quality levels are at a six-year high, and we’re winning both new customers and more freight from existing customers.
“Our promise to customers requires both personal accountability and teamwork, two values that have always been part of our culture,” said Mario Harik, chief executive officer of XPO. “Now that we’re solely LTL in North America, it gives us even more opportunity to shine as a team and demonstrate every day how we’re truly better together.”