XPO Logistics Celebrates 25 Years of Cross-Border Less-Than-Truckload Service in Canada

XPO Logistics, a leading global provider of transport and logistics solutions, is celebrating 25 years of serving domestic and cross-border customers in Canada with less-than-truckload (LTL) service. The company's first Canadian LTL terminal opened in Montreal in 1992, and the network has steadily expanded to include a presence in five provinces. Over the past decade, XPO has transported more than five million cross-border LTL shipments and, in 2016, had a damage-free rate of 99.7%.

Troy Cooper, chief operating officer of XPO Logistics, said, "We're proud to be the leading provider of LTL service between two of the world's closest neighbors and partners in commerce. Our service continues to capture fast-growing demand for easy, cross-border shipping as the fastest and most reliable LTL option available." According to published transit times, XPO's U.S./Canada cross-border service is 40% faster than the LTL industry average.

XPO is the second largest LTL provider in North America, with an LTL network of 12 Canadian facilities and 283 facilities in the United States. The company utilizes nine border crossing points between the two countries, the most of any LTL carrier. An XPO Customs Resource Center supports cross-border shippers with assistance regarding documentation, certifications and other regulatory matters.

"XPO's customs expertise has greatly reduced delays at border crossings and improved transit times," said Robert McGrath, a senior logistics supervisor at CCI Thermal Technologies Inc., an Ontario-based leader in the development and production of advanced heating and filtration systems. "The company is instrumental in getting our products to customers in the United States and raw materials to our manufacturing facilities in Canada, and we've been partners for more than 17 years."