Express-1 Expedited Solutions Announces the Acquisition of First Class Expediting Services

Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc. (AMEX:XPO)(the "Company"), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Express-1, Inc. (Express-1), today announced the purchase of certain assets of First Class Expediting Services, Inc. (FCES) of Rochester Hills, Michigan.

FCES is a provider of expedited transportation services and generated approximately $4.0 million of expediting revenue during the year ended December 31, 2008. The transaction took the form of an asset purchase, and the operations of FCES will be rolled into the Company's Express-1 operations.

Commenting on the acquisition, the Company's CEO, Michael Welch, said, "We are very excited about the acquisition of a company with the reputation of First Class Expediting. Their operations are a very good fit and further enhance our expedited footprint."

Jeff Curry, President of Express-1 added, "We are excited to have First Class Expediting become a part of Express-1. They have a focused business model that services the regional expedited transportation needs of a critical region in the Midwest. Their focus on regional business and our attention to national and international services makes for a good fit. They use the same operating system and the same model of owner operators as ours, so we foresee a very smooth transition."

On behalf of FCES, the President, Bill Champe commented, "Express-1 is a leader in the expediting industry and will enhance the strength of our business. As part of the Express-1 operations, we will now be in a position to provide our valued customers with more service offerings over an even greater geographic area. We are excited to become part of the Express-1 family."

Financial terms of the transaction were not separately disclosed, but will be provided within the Company's next quarterly report. The transaction proceeds and acquired assets fall below the threshold for separate disclosure, as outlined by the Securities and Exchange Commission.