AP Digs into E-Commerce

As part of a larger look at the explosive growth of e-commerce in today's market, the Associated Press interviewed Ashfaque Chowdhury, learning how boosts in e-commerce have meant new jobs across the supply chain:

XPO Logistics, which ships mostly appliances and other heavy goods, has hired 3,000 warehouse workers in the past year to keep up with growing e-commerce, bringing its total to 26,000. It’s adding a million square feet of warehouse about every four to six weeks, says Ashfaque Chowdhury, president of XPO’s supply chain in the Americas and Asia.

Chowdhury says items that many people wouldn’t have felt comfortable buying on the internet not long ago — from refrigerators to treadmills to furniture — are becoming routine online purchases. And the company is also planning to open a million square foot warehouse in the Midwest exclusively to handle returns.

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