An Earth Day Message

As XPO’s head of Transport in Europe, I see first-hand how our organization takes pride in moving goods safely through the supply chain, with as little impact on the environment as possible.

This Sunday, Earth Day, reminds us all that sustainability is an ongoing process. I want to share some initiatives that our Transport business has undertaken recently in Europe. These include the fitting of GPS-based vehicle navigation systems to improve fuel efficiency; a new ‘Eco Score’ tool that monitors driver performance; LNG fleet expansion (currently at 59 tractors); and our mega-trucks in Spain, which reduce miles and emissions. We have many other programs underway, as does the Supply Chain team. And we’re committed to doing more.

We are fortunate to have the support of a company that sees the value in protecting our vulnerable environment. If you have suggestions that could make sense for our operations, please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter  or LinkedIn.

I wish you all a green and thoughtful Earth Day!