XPO Logistics Sets the Record Straight About Its Workplace

At XPO, we’re proud of how we work together to create an environment that gives every employee the opportunity to succeed. We demonstrate our commitment to employees by providing a rewarding workplace and making significant investments in compensation, infrastructure, equipment and technology. Our employees’ safety is our number one priority; we do not tolerate any kind of misconduct or discriminatory behavior. This is why the overwhelming majority of our employees say that they’re highly satisfied with their jobs.

Recent media coverage has painted an inaccurate picture of our workplace. In October 2018, a reporter informed us of surprising allegations at one of our facilities in Memphis. While all but one of these claims is alleged to have occurred prior to XPO acquiring the facility in 2014, we take the allegations seriously. We completed a thorough review of more than four years of employment and compliance reports, and we found no record that these allegations were reported to the previous company, and no one has reported these allegations to XPO management or through any of our ethics and compliance channels.

Among the most upsetting allegations relate to the treatment of pregnant women. XPO has clear accommodation policies, and we make every effort to reasonably accommodate employees’ workplace needs. All supervisors receive ongoing training on our policies, including how to work with pregnant employees to properly adjust work assignments and schedules. We’re vigilant in ensuring that these policies are clearly understood and strictly enforced throughout the company.

The allegation that we don’t adhere to our accommodation policies is untrue and, we believe, propagated by the Teamsters as part of its unsuccessful organizing effort at XPO.  The truth is that we work hard to maintain a culture of great dignity and respect in our facilities, especially for women.

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