Setting the Record Straight: Our Position Regarding Workplace Allegations

At XPO, we’re proud of how we work together to create an environment that gives every employee the opportunity to succeed. We make significant investments in our workplace and our people. We take any allegation about our workplace seriously and investigate all claims promptly. The allegations in recent media reports run counter to our values and to what is, in reality, an engaged team of employees. Here are the facts:

  1. Reporting of workplace incidents or misconduct
    • XPO has multiple ethics and compliance reporting channels, including an anonymous hotline.
    • The Company’s reporting channels are available to all employees and they receive training on how to use them.
    • XPO has a strict no retaliation policy to safeguard employees who report incidents.
    • Every incident that’s reported through XPO’s compliance channels is promptly and thoroughly investigated.
    • While all but one of these allegations occurred prior to XPO’s acquisition of the facility, we take the claims seriously.
    • After a thorough review of more than four years of employment and compliance reports, we found no one reported these allegations to management through any of our multiple channels.
    • The Company is investigating the newly-raised claims, as reported in the media.
    • One of the most upsetting allegations concerns our treatment of pregnant employees.
    • We make every effort to accommodate employees’ workplace needs and adjust work assignments and schedules.
    • Our employee handbook outlines policies that meet or exceed what the law requires.
    • Our handbook includes accommodation policies that specifically state we will consider requests for reasonable accommodations for medical conditions related to pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.
    • Our accommodation policies are taught in leadership training programs for all supervisors throughout the year; supervisors who do not adhere to these policies are subject to discipline or termination.
    • On October 17, 2017, one of our colleagues in Memphis, Linda Neal, passed away of a heart attack while at work.
    • Ms. Neal did not ask a site manager to leave early or report feeling ill on October 17.
    • When Ms. Neal collapsed, 911 was immediately called, and the area was cleared for first responders.
    • Our employees were removed from the area, and they were told they could go home for the rest of the day.
    • EMTs were on the scene within minutes, and XPO complied with their explicit instructions to restrict access until Memphis police arrived. Incident reports from Memphis’ first responders validate these facts.
    • We made grief counselors available to employees.
    • In August 2018, Tennessee OSHA officials visited the site and interviewed more than 20 hourly and salaried employees.
    • TOSHA found no safety violations. In fact, the TOSHA investigator was complimentary of XPO’s heat awareness program, in which we frequently share heat management tips and resources.
    • As a safety precaution, all employees, customers and visitors must pass through metal detectors upon entry to this facility.
    • Upon hiring, employees are informed that the site is metal-free to ensure the security of our employees and our customers’ products
    • As part of their onboarding, new employees acknowledge they understand which articles of clothing and accessories cannot be worn in the facility.
    • It is common across industries to have a measure in place to help employees understand where they stand with respect to their job requirements.
    • Employees may receive up to seven notices prior to receiving any disciplinary action, which starts off as counseling. Points are forgiven after six months.
    • This system is designed to be fair and offer flexibility to our employees when they need it.
    • Our wages have consistently been among the most competitive in the industry.