Media Center Terms of Use


These guidelines (“Guidelines”) are to be used by third parties wishing to utilize any of XPO Logistics, Inc.’s (“XPO”) owned trademarks (registered or unregistered), service marks, graphic symbols, logos, icons, photos, images, art, slogans, taglines, packaging, web site design, typefaces or any alterations thereof (“XPO Trademarks”). XPO’s Trademarks may only be used by third parties pursuant to these Guidelines. Any use that falls outside of the acceptable uses outlined herein is strictly prohibited.

  1. Acceptable Uses. Third Parties may use XPO Trademarks solely for the purpose expressly authorized by XPO in writing and that use must: (i) comply with the most up-to-date version of these Guidelines; and (ii) comply with any other terms, conditions, or policies that XPO may issue from time to time that apply to the use of XPO Trademarks.
  2. Unacceptable Uses
    1. Third Parties may not use any of XPO’s Trademarks in such a manner that implies that any non-XPO materials, including but not limited to goods, services, web sites or publications, are endorsed, sponsored, licensed by or affiliated with XPO.
    2. XPO Trademarks may not be displayed as a primary or prominent feature on any materials that do not originate from XPO.
    3. Third Parties may not use or register, in whole or in part, any XPO Trademarks, including XPO-owned graphic symbols, logos, icons, or an alteration thereof, as or as part of a company name, trade name, product name, or service name.
    4. Third Parties may not use a variation, phonetic equivalent, foreign language equivalent, takeoff, or abbreviation of XPO Trademarks for any purpose.
    5. Third Parties may not use XPO Trademarks in a disparaging manner. In particular, you may not use XPO Trademarks to disparage XPO, its products or services, or in a manner which, in XPO’s sole discretion, may diminish or otherwise damage or tarnish XPO or XPO’s goodwill in the XPO Trademarks.
    6. Third Parties may not manufacture, sell or give-away merchandise items, such as T-shirts and mugs, bearing any XPO Trademarks, including symbols, logos, or icons, except pursuant to an express written permission from XPO.
    7. Third Parties may not imitate distinctive XPO packaging, web site design, logos, or typefaces.
    8. Third Parties may not use or imitate an XPO slogan or tagline. Third Parties may not adopt marks or logos that are confusingly similar to XPO Trademarks.
    9. Third Parties may not modify or alter XPO Trademarks in any way.
    10. Third Parties may not use an identical or virtually identical XPO Trademarks as a business name or web domain address.
  3. XPO Trademarks must appear in their entirety, with reasonable spacing between each side of the XPO Trademark and other visual, graphic or textual elements. Under no circumstance should an XPO Trademark be placed on any background which interferes with the readability or display of the XPO Trademark.
  4. All rights to any XPO Trademarks, or any alteration thereof, are the exclusive property of XPO, and all goodwill generated through any use of the XPO Trademarks will inure solely to the benefit of XPO. XPO Trademarks are XPO’s exclusive intellectual property and are extremely valuable to XPO. By using any XPO Trademarks, you are acknowledging that XPO is the sole owner of XPO Trademarks and agreeing not to interfere with XPO’s right in XPO Trademarks, including challenging XPO’s use, registration of, or application to register such XPO Trademarks.
  5. XPO reserves the right, exercisable at its sole discretion, to modify these Guidelines at any time and to take appropriate action against any use without permission or any use that does not conform to these Guidelines.
  6. Always include an attribution statement crediting XPO with ownership of the XPO Trademarks.
  7. If you have questions about these Guidelines, please contact for assistance.