XPO Brings Holiday Cheer to the UK with 4,000 Christmas Trees

XPO Logistics, a leading global provider of transport and logistics solutions, has been working behind the scenes to bring Christmas to thousands of people in the UK. Partnering with Belgian company Altitude 500, a European market leader in Christmas tree supply, XPO has transported 4,000 Noble evergreen firs to the UK from Altitude 500’s tree farm in Brittany, France.

To ensure the trees arrived in the UK fresh with sap and free of damage, XPO managed each phase of distribution. Trees were cut at the farm on the morning of collection and placed on pallets, then loaded onto articulated lorries. Each pallet weighed up to 1,000kg and measured up to 240cm in length and 120cm in width.

XPO delivered the trees to its distribution centres in the UK within 48 hours of collection, ensuring the trees would reach their final destinations in Christmas-ready condition. Most of the trees were offered for sale by garden centres in the Greater London area.

Luis Gomez, managing director, transport–Europe, XPO Logistics, said, “A Christmas tree is a difficult product to transport in bulk, especially in a short timeframe. It was important to us that the trees arrived undamaged. Working with Altitude 500, a specialist XPO team coordinated our international fleet in moving 4,000 trees from the farm in France to our warehouses in the UK, and then on to the retail centres – that’s a lot of holiday cheer!”