Getting WISE with Women in Leadership

We all know that parts of our industry have traditionally been male-dominated. We see it in trucks, in the management of distribution centers and in boardrooms around the world. Women make up, on average, just 15% of our industry’s total workforce. Here at XPO that number is approximately 26%, and we are driven to raise it even higher. Inclusion is the foundation of excellence, and diverse workplaces are more successful and innovative.

At XPO, one of our main goals is to give every employee the environment and tools to build the career they want. That’s why we began the Women’s Inclusion Series, or WISE: a program for women who work at XPO to network and engage with each other, across the company and around the world. Through quarterly sessions, we hear from women who are successful in their careers, both at XPO and elsewhere.

The sessions are streamed live on Workplace and designed to be interactive. We want participants to ask questions and contribute their insights. We also encourage men to participate because they play an important role in breaking down the barriers that prevent women from achieving their greatest potential at work. We’re all responsible for building the culture of XPO.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, today we’re holding our second WISE session focused on parity and XPO’s efforts toward a gender-balanced workplace, streamed live from the UK. I encourage colleagues across XPO to join and participate, and am excited to network with you all as we expand the roles that women hold in transportation and logistics.