Adoption of XPO Logistics Carrier App Tops 22,000

New data from XPO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: XPO), a leading global provider of supply chain solutions, shows rapid adoption of its Drive XPO carrier app in North America. Commercial truck drivers use the app to search for loads and transact on XPO Connect, the company’s digital freight marketplace platform.

The company reports that the registered number of US carriers using Drive XPO for XPO Connect reached 18,000 in April 2019, 12 months after the platform’s launch, and accelerated to approximately 22,000 carriers in May. The company attributes the acceleration to high user satisfaction with the XPO digital experience and the quality of ongoing enhancements. User ratings have made Drive XPO a top-ranked app in its category at the iOS and Android stores, where it can be downloaded at no charge.

Mario Harik, chief information officer of XPO Logistics, said, “Our approach to the shipper-carrier relationship is a good example of our technology strategy at XPO. We use pioneering architecture behind the scenes, with easy user interfaces that encourage adoption. This gives us wide-ranging opportunities to develop supply chain efficiencies and deploy them at scale.”

Some recent Drive XPO app enhancements include:

  • Search-specific alerts that trigger when a driver searches a load board for more than 30 seconds, flagging future loads that match the same parameters;
  • Push notifications that prompt a driver to confirm a pickup four hours in advance, initiating dispatch and tracking once confirmed;
  • User preferences that can be set for ideal equipment and length of haul, automatically prioritizing those loads in search results;
  • A mandatory load checklist that requires carriers to confirm equipment and pickup/delivery times prior to booking a load; and
  • Global, including multicurrency capabilities, multi-language support including French, German, Spanish, and Polish, and EU-compliant privacy policies.

XPO introduced XPO Connect as a cloud-based, fully digital freight marketplace developed with multimodal, self-learning architecture. Currently, XPO Connect is utilized by the company’s business units for truck brokerage, managed transportation and last mile logistics.