XPO Offers Allyship Training to Expand Boundaries of Workplace Inclusivity

Driven by a companywide eagerness to provide employees with the tools needed to foster diversity and inclusion, XPO recently launched the course, Stepping Forward Together: Becoming an Effective Ally. The course, offered internally through XPO University, the company’s training and development platform, has already been met with an overwhelming response.

The course aims to share practical ways to support everyone in the XPO family and the broader community by becoming an ally—a person who takes an active interest in learning about and advocating for individuals with different identities and experiences.  

Employees are able to explore their personal attitudes toward people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and better understand how their own perspectives link to behaviors on the job and elsewhere.

The training is being offered three times a week, with each session lasting 75 minutes. Demand among employees has been so strong that the first seven sessions have already been filled to capacity, with waiting lists growing daily.

The course is available globally, with content being translated into multiple languages for non-English-speaking employees.