A Message of Thanks to Our Veterans

One of the reasons veterans have found XPO to be such a great fit is that they tend to have a lot of experience with logistics, and they understand supply chains. It’s only natural that they’d gravitate toward a global supply chain services provider that understands the value they bring to the company.

The value is immeasurable. Each of us likely has a story to share about how our lives have been touched by veterans whose courage has been tested at home and abroad. In my case, I’m fortunate to be the daughter of a U.S. Marine who served in the Korean War. My father’s spirit of sacrifice and devotion to duty has been an inspiration throughout my life.

My XPO colleagues who’ve served, and those who are still serving in the National Guard and Reserves, are also a source of inspiration. I’m honored to be working among so many people who’ve given so much to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today.

In appreciation for their service to our nation, each of our veterans, along with those of our employees who are still serving, will be presented with a Challenge Coin from XPO. These medallions, which typically bear the insignia of the organization the recipient serves, are common in the military and are presented to individuals to commemorate outstanding performance. It’s important to us that our vets are able to hold on to this tangible recognition of their service, so they can always be reminded of how highly they’re respected and how deeply they’re admired by the benefactors of their sacrifices.

Our CEO, Brad Jacobs, nailed it when he said, “Our vets make us a better company. They add integrity, collaboration, and a winning focus to our culture.” We salute all veterans for their service, with a special thanks to our own for choosing to work at XPO.