Grow At XPO Celebrates 100th Site Milestone

Edward Gordon has a unique perspective on the Grow at XPO program.

After recently completing the four-month Site Operations Manager Academy, he is now overseeing XPO’s Monroe Township, New Jersey site – the 100th site to offer the Grow at XPO program.

Grow at XPO gives employees a clear path to pursue new opportunities within the company, earn higher compensation and take on increased responsibility. Grow at XPO is designed to remove barriers from advancement so that aspiring team members can advance within XPO. The first pilot launched in late 2020 and quickly scaled to sites across the country. 

“Grow at XPO is something this crew has been waiting for,” said Edward, manager, supply chain site operations. “They are really eager to get running with this. I think it goes a long way to show that XPO is willing to help hourly employees and supervisors grow.”

Throughout his career at XPO, Edward progressed from supervisor to senior supervisor to operations manager before starting his current role.

“Every interaction that I’ve had with leadership has been about increasing the knowledge base, increasing your emotional intelligence and structuring the next step for everyone,” Edward said. “Giving everyone knowledge and tools to be better at what they’re doing.”

More than 20 employees from the Monroe Township site have started their learning plans within Grow at XPO. The program offers various learning tracks, including training for lead, operations supervisor, PIT operator and clerk roles, among others.

Generalist, Human Resources Yadhi Arroyo was recently approached by a team member currently working in a janitor role to discuss enrolling in the Grow at XPO program. Yadhi also serves as the site’s Grow Champ. She is responsible for scouting for potential applicants, monitoring its progress and supporting employees throughout the program.

“She told me, ‘I love my job, I don’t want to change it – but I also want to learn something different’,” Yadhi said. “‘I want to be useful to the site should they need my support in any projects.’ That was very interesting. From our HR perspective, we always have a goal of investing in our people.”

After engaging with Yadhi about the program, several Monroe Township site employees were surprised to learn about potential opportunities at XPO sites across the country.

“In our building, we’ve always tried to push for internal growth,” Yadhi said. “Not only in promotion, but also additional knowledge and training. XPO has openings across the United States. When you participate in the program, it gives you opportunities to go to other sites. There were some questions about relocation, and they were surprised to hear about the opportunities.”