XPO Rise Development Program Finds Success

When our inaugural XPO Rise class launched in February, the 19 participants knew they chose a challenging path by undertaking a rigorous professional development program in addition to their full-time director-level roles.

Six months later, I’m pleased to report that the group is thriving after fully embracing the deliverables placed in front of them.

Rise is one of several professional development programs XPO Logistics offers to enhance the employee experience. It’s a high-potential development program focused on providing leaders with an immersive approach to executive development. Our goal is to build an internal bench of diverse employees with the potential to move into executive roles across XPO businesses. 

The program focuses on upskilling our future leaders in team management, strategic development, financial planning and change agility. The inaugural class has completed a variety of projects based on real-world business opportunities XPO is navigating, giving participants the chance to apply their learning by offering suggestions for business improvement. For example, Rise participants are hyper-focused on redefining how we reach our non-wired employee population and how our business can enhance employee engagement.

Our participants are working on refining their leadership brand, embracing inclusive leadership and becoming multipliers of business and leadership acumen. Current XPO executives have helped facilitate this process by serving as mentors and champions, offering their time and insight. These relationships have been built through fireside chats, one-on-one mentoring sessions and workshops focused on leading by example.

Next, Rise participants will undertake a financial acumen module, including a week focused on learning about profit and loss through a simulation with feedback in real-time. After the final workshop, the class will share a presentation about their Rise journey with XPO’s leaders in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Only six months into the Rise program, we’re delighted to celebrate the promotion of three Rise participants: Rachel Jorgenson (vice president, regional sales, LTL), Ryan Smulan (vice president, technology, IT enterprise architecture) and Beatriz Armijo (director of communications, Europe).

We’re excited to see this inaugural cohort – and future Rise participants ­– continue to #RiseUp and develop as dynamic leaders capable of moving the world forward.