XPO Logistics Continues Commitment to XPO RISE: Women in Leadership

At XPO Logistics, we understand the value of developing internal talent and creating a strong, diverse bench of rising leaders. We’re constantly designing strategies that empower our employees to discover their leadership potential. I’d like to celebrate our ongoing commitment to the advancement of internal talent with the launch of the XPO RISE High Potential Development Program’s newest cohort: Women in Leadership.

The inaugural Women in Leadership program, which began in September with 18 female employees from corporate, LTL and NAT, runs through Q4.

The Women in Leadership program focuses on preparing women to lead change with conviction and confidence. We’re challenging participants by asking them to examine their values, vision and capabilities as a leader, manager and team contributor with the help of mentors and executives. All participants are attending workshops covering leadership topics such as leveraging networks, negotiation, conflict resolution and communicating with conviction.

In November, the cohort met in Atlanta for our inaugural Women’s Leadership Conference. The group was joined by XPO executives and Johnny Taylor Jr., Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) CEO and XPO Board of Directors member, to define intentional leadership, executive presence and keys to communication as strategy.

XPO thrives as an industry leader because of the emphasis our CEO and executive team place on our people. Through our talent development lens, we’re attentive to aligning the strengths of our employees to the strategic direction of the company.

Under the XPO RISE High Potential Development Program umbrella, we’re preparing to graduate our inaugural Executive Development cohort of rising director and senior director employees in December. I’m extremely encouraged by the progress the Executive Development cohort has made in balancing their roles with a rigorous professional development curriculum.

Less than a year into our XPO RISE Executive Development cohort, I’m pleased to report that more than half of the participants have been promoted ahead of the target date set at the start of the program. This rate of advancement shows the high level of talent and commitment we have at XPO. We intend to replicate the same growth with the Women in Leadership cohort. 

I‘m honored to support the advancement of these emerging leaders within our company. I look forward to sharing more about how our #XPORISE participants are helping move the world forward.