33 XPO Logistics Drivers to Compete at National Truck Driving Championships

This week, 33 of our drivers will have the amazing opportunity to represent XPO Logistics on the national stage when they compete in Indianapolis at the 2022 National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC), also known as the “Super Bowl of Trucking Safety.”
For our team members, competing against the other top drivers in the country has special significance this year: it’s the first NTDC event since 2019 after two consecutive years of Covid-related cancellations. This competition means a lot to our drivers, and I’m happy they’ll have the opportunity to showcase their stellar professional skills. I know how much training they do on their own time during the weekends, including practicing on mock courses in the parking lots of their facilities.
To qualify for the NTDC, drivers had to win their respective state tournaments, which have a similar format to the NTDC (consisting of a pre-trip inspection, driving course and written test). Our competitors represent 18 states and seven vehicle classes.
One of the reasons I’m such a big supporter of the NTDC is that the competition prides itself on putting safety first. The drivers that compete have to be accident-free for at least a year before participating. This strongly aligns with our culture of prioritizing safety, which is not only one of our core values, but something we strive to achieve every day in each action we take. To us, it means aiming to have zero job-related injuries and accidents and keeping the communities we operate in safe.
At XPO, we have an elite corps of more than 2,500 drivers who have achieved million-miler status, including one, two and three million accident-free miles. These XPOers will be competing with the other top-notch drivers in the country. I know our team is up for the challenge.
XPO has a winning tradition at the NTDC. Over the past decade, we’ve been among the carriers who have won the most events at the competition. I’m confident in our team’s continued success this year. From Aug. 16-19, you can follow the progress of our drivers on all of XPO’s social media, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. I wish our drivers and all contestants the best of luck in Indy!